Our Apologies for the delay in Family Fridays. Daddy was stuck without internet last week, and has been very busy this week.

Last week was a week of crafting for Evie. 

There are presents to make, and presents to wrap.

She and Ellie have been very busy helping Mommy and Deedee and Papa decorate for Christmas. 

They wear Deedee and Papa out, and when the grandparents are two tired to keep up…

They climb on them. 

They have been keeping Mommy very busy, especially at bedtime. Evie doesn’t like bed time any better than she ever did. Ellie likes a to brush teeth, read books, say prayers, bottle, snuggle and sleep precisely at 7, but even she finds it hard to sleep sometimes with big sister’s shenanigans going on.

Evie can still eat raw lemon like a champ.

Poor Ellie had her twelve-month checkup this month. She passed everything with flying colors, but…

She had to have four immunizations and a blood draw. She was a very brave baby girl, but she still got really tired and cranky and didn’t want to eat her supper. Instead she passed out for a nap at 5:00 PM without eating anything. 

She made up for it by waking up at 7:30 and eating everything in sight!

This week has been busy, but it has been a good kind of busy, mostly. After all…

Daddy is Home!

Yay!!! He got into Fort Bragg last week for demobilization outprocessing, and after a week of that (for some reason the Army can’t do anything without a week of paperwork before and after).

There are no pictures of the Daddy and Mommy reunion, because we were too busy reuniting to take pictures of it. And plus, it’s none of y’all’s business anyway.

Since then we have just been hanging out as a family, playing and crafting and snuggling and talking. 

And we plan on continuing that for a while, at least until we host a pizza party on Sunday and go back to work on Monday. But at least we are all together again!

That’s all for this week! God Bless!