It has been another long break since our last peep on this blog. It has been a busy two weeks. One of Kathleen’s high school friends was getting married on the weekend of the 5th, and an old friend of Mommy’s from Panama (they were exchange students together) came out to visit. We took Lupe and Moncho out to Mt. Rainier for some light hiking and site seeing. We were lucky even to be able to see the mountain because at the same time they came to visit the entire Puget sound region was covered in smoke from British Columbia wildfires.


Family Friday 117-118 (6)
We had to get up super early, so Evie slept most of the way to Box Canyon.


Lupe and Moncho (3)
She is still not fully awake.



Family Friday 117-118 (7)
Daddy and Evie climbed over the tunnel above the highway.


Family Friday 117-118 (8)
There’s Mommy and Lupe and Moncho way down below us.


Family Friday 117-118 (9)
Where temperate rainforest meets alpine meadow.


Family Friday 117-118 (10)
This is why they call it a “Box Canyon.” 

According to Lupe and Moncho it is called box canyon in Spanish as well.


Family Friday 117-118 (11)
The view of Rainier during the drive from Box Canyon to Paradise.






Family Friday 117-118 (12)


Lupe and Moncho (1)
Daddy and Evie with Lupe’ and Moncho.


Lupe and Moncho (2)
Lupe is really good at selfies.


Family Friday 117-118 (13)
Evie got tired of hiking pretty quickly.


Family Friday 117-118 (14)
Evie found a throne at the Lodge. It’s Queen Evie!

Family Friday 117-118 (15)






And Evie’s dream of finding some snow came true! Although Daddy wouldn’t let her walk up the stream into the snow cave, or climb over the top of it. He was concerned about safety and boring stuff like that.

The next day was the day of the wedding, which, of course, means dancing. Evie loves dancing! So do Lupe and Moncho, so they spent a good part of the evening on the dance floor.

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The next day (Sunday), Mommy and Evie had to drop Daddy off at the Airport to go to North Carolina for National Guard stuff for almost two weeks to refresh his medic skills. In the meantime, Evie spent four days with Deedee and Papa, while Mommy had to work  night shifts and call. Not many pictures from that week. Family Friday 117-118 (1)

But when the weekend came, Daddy was able to drive down to South Carolina to visit Uncle Chris and some of his family.

Family Friday 117-118 (23)
Uncle Chris and Josh during Saturday morning tea and conversation on the back porch. (By “Saturday morning” I mean from about 8 AM to 2 PM of just sitting and talking. Uncle Chris is one of the few truly great conversationalists I know.)

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Ryan even got to join a birthday party for Sammy, his cousin’s youngest son. It was Star Wars themed:

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Really Star Wars Themed!

In the meantime, Evie and Mommy were having fun at home.


Family Friday 117-118 (2)
Evie picked out her own outfit to go shopping. No way we are going to misplace her when she looks like that.


Family Friday 117-118 (3)
This is Evie’s favorite tree. It is just right for her. 


Family Friday 117-118 (5)
They made some delicious soup and froze it for when Ellie arrives and Mommy and Daddy are too tired and busy to cook.
Family Friday 117-118 (4)
Evie and her babies taking a nap. 

But Daddy came home on Thursday night, and now we are all together again! We hope you are having a great weekend too.

God Bless!






Family Friday 95 (2)
Dory fish, and Baby Me-mo fish, and Me-mo Dada fish, and Me-mo Mommy fish too! (Evie insisted I draw Nemo’s Mommy)
Family Friday 95 (3)
Singing in the rain, under the sea!
Family Friday 95 (4)
Evie sweep!

Family Friday 95 (5)

Family Friday 95 (6)
Helping Daddy plant fruit trees and berry bushes.
Family Friday (7)
Evie and Mommy’s inside garden.
Family Friday (8)
Baby ‘Resa and Baby Margaret
Family Friday (9)
Baby Margaret plant some seeds? Okay!
Family Friday (10)
Evie is not convinced these are connected with veggies in any way, but playing in the dirt is fun.
Family Friday (11)
You will see, Baby Girl. Trust Mommy.
Family Friday (12)
Working on learning how to use chopsticks!
Family Friday (13)
Date Night for Ryan and Kathleen!
Family Friday (14)
First time riding facing forward, Coming home from Deedee and Papa’s House! Such a Big girl!


On Monday afternoon, Evie was perfectly happy, healthy, her normal self. Then, right before bed she threw up twice. On Tuesday she was tired and worn out feeling.


Evie Seizure visit (1)
That is not our normal Baby Girl. 😦

On Wednesday morning, while Mommy was still at work (night shift), she threw up two more times.

Then she had a seizure, but the paramedics couldn’t find a fever higher than 99.


Evie Seizure visit (2)
Mommy doesn’t get to sleep today. That’s okay. Evie needs her.

Evie had another seizure at her pediatrician’s office. He sent us home to watch her, and when she had another we called the ambulance again and went to Mary Bridge Pediatric Hospital.


Evie Seizure visit (3)

She had three more seizures in the hospital, for a total of six, including one that broke through the atavan and keppra.

Evie Seizure visit (4)
Maybe just because I am her father I am biased, but I think she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Father Kyle came to the ER to give her Anointing of the Sick.

They admitted us and we had the most sleepless and anxious night of our lives. Except for Evie, who was in a drug and exhaustion induced sleep.


Evie Seizure visit (5)
Not herself at all Thursday morning, but she wanted to read “Bible Book” with Daddy and find Baby Moses.


Evie Seizure visit (6)
She fought the EEG tooth and nail, until Mommy snuggled next to her. Then she could calm down and watch “Broom” (i.e. “Room on the Broom”).


Evie Seizure visit (7)
Even Singing in the Rain can barely make it better.


Evie Seizure visit (8)
When Daddy wasn’t up in Seattle taking finals (yuck) he was down in the hospital reading books with Evie. Mostly “Otter in Space” because that is her current favorite.

On Thursday she had no more seizures and slowly started coming back to her normal self. Thursday night Mommy finally got a few hours of sleep.

Hundreds of people all over the world were praying for her, and dozens of friends were calling, texting or messaging to offer whatever help we needed. We had so much food in our hospital room we couldn’t eat it all, and had to bring most of it home (our refrigerator is now packed).


Evie Seizure visit (9)
Evie found the toy room at the end of the hall!

Because by Friday she was almost completely back to normal, just a little wobbly. But wobbly or not, we couldn’t keep her in the room any more. She had to be up and exploring around. Can’t keep a Baby Girl down, Yo!

And now we are home, with meds to prevent more seizures and more meds in case she has one, and we will be seeing the pediatric neurologist again at the end of April. We don’t know for sure why she had seizures, especially without a fever, and so many so close together. All her tests came back normal, so the doctors think it was most likely a virus of some kind.

We will take it. God is good to us. The timing could not have been better. Ryan was home when it all went down, and he only had to be in Seattle for a few hours a day while she was in the hospital. Somehow he managed to pass all his finals as well. Kathleen was home too, and was able to take a night off and be done with work for the week so she could be there the whole time. The hospital was only a couple of blocks from Uncle Adam’s house, so he and Aunt Maryanne were able to keep us well stocked with delicious home-cooked food.

And Ryan doesn’t go to Seattle at all next week! Instead he will be working short hours at a clinic only about ten minutes from home, thanks to a classmate who traded rotations a few weeks back.

We love you all, thank you for your prayers. God Bless.











Blurry Picture warning! Most of the pictures this Friday are blurry. This is different from most Fridays, when only some of the pictures are

I blame the lighting. The whole weekend was gray.

We went out to Port Townsend on Saturday to join Kathleen’s parents. It was a two hour drive, but Evie didn’t mind too much. She alternated having tea parties with Baby ‘Resa and Mommy in the back seat, and playing with her tractor.


She was concerned that tractor had an ouchie because the label sticker on the bottom looked like a bandaid to her.

family-friday-86-3We went to visit Fort Warden, an old coast defense station. We wanted to visit the lighthouse but it was

They used to have REALLY BIG GUNS here.

family-friday-86-5It was also about 35 degrees out, which isn’t that cold. However, we did have about a 30 mph wind which worked out to a pretty significant wind chill. Daddy was fine, because he’s a barrel chested freedom fighter. Evie was fine because she was riding on Daddy with her fingers in his beard most of the time. Mommy was less fine because she is always cold, and Deedee was down right miserable. Like seriously, that wind was intense! It could cut right through all but a really thick coat, and even’s Daddy’s hands were

We did go inside some of the old artillery/mortar positions, and into a couple of bunkers, which is why Daddy has his flashlight out.

Mommy and Evie are spotting for enemy ships.

The bunkers are really cool. We will likely go back sometime in the summer, possibly when Evie and Edmund are older and can enjoy it more.

Evie has been voted “Most likely to survive a horror movie” because she is walking away from the creepy abandoned concrete building.

It was a fun visit, but a really short one because of the cold and wind.


Although Evie was very disappointed about getting back into her car seat. She wanted to keep playing outside.

Evie likes boats. She likes boats, trains, planes and buses. She is going to be a travel junky.

Other than that it was a really quiet weekend. We spent a lot of time just hanging out, reading books.

Papa is reading, “My Dog’s a Chicken” to Evie.

We had a delicious Sunday breakfast after Mass at “The Oak Table” in Sequim. family-friday-86-9

It was quite a lovely little family diner, with very friendly and professional staff and absolutely delicious foods, generous portions and reasonable prices.

Swiss cheese and corned beef omelet with bacon pancakes? Yes, please!

If you’re ever in Sequim, WA, I recommend you check them out.

And then we came home, and Daddy started school again, and National Guard, and Mommy is back to work. Life is busy, but still good. Sometimes when we get home we only have a couple of hours before Evie goes to bed, and we are still behind on the housework or the cooking. We want to play with Evie but still have work to do.


But sometimes Evie can help us. This week she helped Mommy make bread, which was fun for her. It’s like playing, but it’s also educational, not that Evie now knows how to make bread. However, she will grow up with in an environment in which there is a priority on taking the time to take care of each other by making healthy and delicious food, despite the inconvenience and the end-of-the-day tiredness.


Evie doesn’t think the dough tastes very good. family-friday-86-17

But the finished product is yummy!

That’s all for this week. Hope you all have a good weekend. God Bless!



Well, Ryan’s quarter is over. He passed all his classes. Now all he has to do is seven more quarters without failing out and he is scot free!

Evie help!

No problem. If Evie can drag Daddy’s backpack around the room, then he should be able to do a little school.

Just because the quarter is over does not mean we are less busy. Mommy has been working nights this week, which leads to a lot of odd hours and less family time. Evie even has to wake Mommy up in the afternoon.

It’s just like Sleeping Beauty! With drool!

Evie doesn’t understand the changes in schedule, but she rolls with them.

Mama wants to sleep? Okay! Evie will just make herself comfortable too.

Mommy is out on call right now, actually, in the pouring snow.

That’s right, folks, it is snowing in the Tacoma area. We don’t have any pictures because it is night time right now, so you’ll just have to believe us. Or watch the news in the morning. I am sure people will be freaking out about it tomorrow.

What else have we done this week? Well…

Note that Daddy’s smoothie is hidden from Evie’s view so she won’t see it until she finishes her mac-n-cheese.

Daddy got home early on Monday so he and Evie went to MC again. It’s been months, and apparently the gatherings have been quite small lately. This week, however, was the biggest group we’ve seen in months. Evie had a ton of fun catching up with her people.


Mommy and Daddy made Evie her very own felt Christmas tree with ornaments that she can put on and take off (it was all Mommy’s Idea, Daddy just did the gluing). Evie has enjoyed it, although it has not looked like this since she saw it, and more than once she has had fun sticking the ornaments to her own pajamas. If it works for her, it works for us.

Mommy and Auntie Grace found a playdough recipe, and Evie had a few hours of fun with that.



They used vanilla flavoring in the playdough so it would smell nice.


It worked! Evie thought it tasted delicious. Unfortunately Auntie Grace is too fast and never let her get a proper mouthful.



Mommy Dance!

And she is obsessed with singing and dancing, and definitely still obsessed with “Singing in the Rain.” Not a single day goes by, and very few indoors hours, when we don’t hear her little voice plaintively suggesting, “Watch Rain?”

We try to limit it to once or twice a

Could be worse. Could be “Baby Einsteins.”

Or “Frozen.”

Just the title of that movie makes me shiver.

(See what I did there?)

And that’s all for this week, pretty uneventful, but it will undoubtedly get busier as we move into the holidays.

Keep us in your prayers, and try not to stress out too much.

God Bless!


Last Friday was veteran’s day so Ryan had the day off classes.


This was Ryan at about 2 in the afternoon.

No, he didn’t spend the day loafing around and drinking beer and coffee. Nor did he spend it working on any of the three assignments he had due on Monday. Instead, he spent about  8 hours in the back yard, rototilling the plot of ground we plan on turning into a garden next year (we have plans for that plot). He also mowed, cleaned up the leaves, put down grass seed in the bare spots, and fertilized. And did not take any pictures, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.

By the way, this is not a paid endorsement of either Alaskan heritage coffee brown, or De Espresso Liber. However, both are excellent.

Saturday was a good, long, full family day. Haven’t had one of those in a while. Mommy and Daddy and Evie went to visit Jesus in the morning (at St. Andrew’s in Sumner) and then we went to paint pottery after Evie’s nap.


Okay Daddy, let me show you. You do it like this.

Evie likes painting pottery for a while, but eventually she gets tired of so much sitting still, and she wants to get down and run around and play with all the other pottery in the shop. Since Daddy had not finished his piece yet, Mommy had to take Evie out to practice for her driving test while Daddy finished painting.


Almost ready to drive!

She did not want to go into the back seat when it was time to leave. She likes being grown up, and car seats are for babies.

And to finish off the day we went out for pho.


Pho is one of our favorite family out-to-dinner meals. Evie really digs the noodles.


Red bean bubble tea for the win!


But bubble tea is her favorite!


You know she’s going to be bubble-tea drunk tonight.




Kathleen had to drink half the bubble tea as fast as she could to keep Evie from drinking it all, which she would have.

And she was bubble-tea drunk. She did not complain at all about going back in the car seat to go home, she was too busy laughing and chattering up a storm. The whole way home she was waving and calling “bye-bye” and blowing kisses to every car that passed. Half a bubble-tea and she’s flirting with everyone that walks by. Heaven help us!

family-friday-79-4And this was Kathleen’s Monday morning. Ryan was already in Seattle so Jerry had to come down from Enumclaw to help. But he had just had open heart surgery a few weeks ago and Kathleen didn’t want him changing a tire. Fortunately we had roadside assistance from USAA, and Ryan was able to log in and find the information and text it to Kathleen, and USAA came and changed the tire for us.

So that was our week. Super busy these days, coming into the final stretch of the fall quarter. family-friday-79-5

Have a good weekend! God Bless!

This is not going to be much of a Family Last weekend was drill weekend for Ryan and call weekend for Kathleen, so not much family time was available.

So much paperwork in the National Guard. Hours and hours of paperwork!

Then of course there was Kathleen getting more callbacks and doing more studies in the first seven hours of call than she typically does in a whole weekend.

Meanwhile Evie was mostly at Grandma and Papa’s house like… “Mama? Dada? You guys there?”

It’s Mama!

Ryan had a major test on Monday, and then spent the rest of the week trying to catch up on all the homework he didn’t do over the weekend. As a matter of fact, that is what he should be doing right now. Papers due on Monday, and we don’t want to spend the whole weekend on school.

But first, here are some pictures.

Evie felt she needed to be a little more dressed up to watch her favorite movie. So Daddy made her a “tutu.” (All dresses are tutus in Evie’s world).
Evie and Edmund
He’s learning to accept her affection with total equanimity, a trait that should serve him well when he grows up.

That is all for this week. We will try to be more familial next week.

Hugs and prayers all round! God bless!


Short blog this week. Mommy and Daddy are beat, and Evie is too little to blog. Go figure.


Evie likes going to visit Jesus. It is one of her favorite things to do. She especially likes the 8 A.M. Mass on Sunday, because then she gets to hang out with her buddy Joshua afterwards.


Daddy has footlers!


Uncle Adam came over on Sunday to help move the pergola we are building in the back yard (no, it is not finished yet. Not even close.) We needed him to help us move it a total of 3 feet. It took about five minutes to set up, move it, and put everything away, but it was a good excuse for a two hour visit, complete with tea and chatting and Edmund.

family-friday-75-7Edmund is a hoss. And he can move! He crawls like a young gorilla, very fast and with a lot of inertia.


We visited them on Wednesday night for steak and salad and beer and salt potatoes.

What you got there, cos?

Maryanne makes some mean salt potatoes, almost as good as the ones Ryan and Adam grew up with. (Salt potatoes are a New York thing, dating back to the early 1800’s when Irish immigrants working the salt marshes in Syracuse NY used to bring their potatoes for lunch. When the lunch bell rang they would toss the raw potatoes into the boiling vat of brine, fish them out again, and voila!)


Nowadays we add butter, but other than that the recipe hasn’t changed. You take some potatoes, preferably new from the garden, and boil them with a whole lot of salt. Hence the name.


Edmund showed Evie one of his favorite toys: the spring loaded door stop.

It doesn’t get much better than that!


Quite a haul for less than $100

Mommy has been working very hard sorting Evie’s old clothes and tagging and pricing the ones that she doesn’t need or didn’t use much to sell at a baby item swap meet nearby, called “Just Between Friends.” She spent a few evenings and part of a morning working there, selling some of our extras and came home with a whole set of the next sizes up…



And a nice, shiny metal tricycle and a little red wagon. The tricycle is too big for Evie to reach the pedals, but she can sure ring the bell!



Mommy is Evie’s favorite Mommy ever!

And that’s all. We need to hit the hay and be up and at ’em dark and early tomorrow. Best of luck to all.

God Bless!




Got Milk?

Evie is very pleased with herself. She learned a new skill this week, one that will serve her well for the rest of her life.

Her favorite thing at meal times is to finish eating as quickly as she can (her definition of finished and our definition of finished are not always the same) and then get down and sit in Mommy’s lap.img_0322Once she gets there, she finds out that she is not as finished as she thought she was and she starts sampling Mommy’s food. In this case Mommy’s milk.

img_0320And before we knew it, Evie had helped herself to a nice long drink of milk from Mommy’s glass mug without a lid… and didn’t spill a drop!

She keeps getting bigger and bigger!

img_3807She is even learning how to drive with Grandma!


She likes driving so much that when Daddy came to pick her up she didn’t want to leave the driver’s seat.

She likes to pretend she’s Mommy. Whether that means walking around the house with two or three purses

img_0333Or snuggling in bed to check her temperature like Mommy does. #NFPlife. She just wants to be like her Mommy.

Meanwhile, Daddy is spending 60+ hours per week learning how to be a PA. Sometimes that is fun, as in this picture.

img_3809Actually, it’s almost always fun, it’s just a lot of time away from family.

And he needs to get back to it, now, so have a good weekend everyone! Enjoy, see you next week.



How are y’all folks doing this morning?

Last weekend we were pretty busy as usual. We had umpteen million errands to run, and the folks coming to do concrete in the back and a wedding to go to. All on Saturday.


Evie doesn’t have much use for weddings, but she loves wedding receptions. She ran around non-stop for about three hours straight and was too excited to eat. Then, of course, she crashed on the way home and slept until 7:00 the next morning, at which time she woke up STARVING!

Ah, silly Baby Girl.

family-friday-72The concrete party pad is looking good. The stamped concrete turned out well, and it has its own cute little fire pit (Ryan says it is “cute and little” because in his mind a bonfire should be visible from space. You can barely fit a campfire in this thing, but at least we won’t have to worry about the neighbors calling the fire department every time we roast marshmallows.

family-friday-72-11Evie approves of her new dance floor.

Mommy had to work on Sunday, so Evie stayed home with Daddy. They decided to finish off the last of one of Aunt Dude’s watermelons.

family-friday-72-1 This wild child LOVES watermelon.

Of course immediately after the watermelon it was bath time, but she likes bath time too, so that was okay.

Start learning responsibility early.

family-friday-72-2Wake up happy in Mommy’s spot!

Mommy came home early from work on Wednesday, so she and Evie got to cook together. Evie decided her job was to sample things for quality control purposes.

family-friday-72-3She says it is very Mommy took it away she wanted more. She is definitely her mother’s daughter.

family-friday-72-10Hi Daddy! We’re cooking!

That’s all for this week, folks. Got to run! Just remember to take time to tightrope the curb when you can.


God Bless!



Dear Friends and Family.

Evie waiting to visit Papa


Thank you so much for your prayers. Papa (a.k.a. Grandpa Jerry, a.k.a. Kathleen’s Dad) came through his surgery just fine. The surgeons found that some of the blockages in his heart were not as significant as they had looked at first so they only did a triple instead of a five-way bypass.

His heart seems to be doing fine, although he is feeling tired and weak and crummy. He still has a sense of humor. Ryan invited him to go hiking up Mount Peak this sunday and he said “Sure, I’ll be ready. You’ll have to carry Evie though.”

He has already been up and walking around the hospital floor, so they are starting him moving early, and he should make a full recovery, God

Evie likes to chat with Papa.

family-friday-69-2Get well cards from Evie are just what the doctor ordered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Grandpa Jerry wasn’t the only one who wasn’t feeling good. Cousin Edmund had the pox de pollo, and Evie went and got herself a case of hand foot and mouth disease!

HFMD is not a fun time for anyone. Poor Evie couldn’t eat because her mouth hurt, and she couldn’t sleep because she couldn’t get comfortable.

family-friday-69-6She still had energy to go to the park and play, of course. (We picked the deserted park to play at). Mommy got into the climbing as well. family-friday-69-13She’s laughing because she still fits, but Ryan doesn’t fit through those things so well anymore…

Secret Agent Mommy!


On sunday the only thing Evie would eat was black olives and slices of American cheese. She would try to eat other things but she would just start crying because they hurt her mouth, and spit them out. Black olives, however, apparently do not hurt. Unfortunately we were fresh out of blueberries. Those might have been a hit.

The Evie sized cart at Ben Franklin’s was fun.

And she loved the blanket Fort Mommy made for


Daddy worked on the deck all day Monday, and almost finished it, but wasn’t able to. We made some (apparently) minor design changes to the deck which altered the cutting patterns just slightly, resulting in not enough deck boards. He ordered more, but he has National Guard again, so he won’t finish it, most likely, until next week.

Monday was probably Evie’s worst day of sickness, but she was still willing to go out outside and help. family-friday-69-14She’s a trooper. And she was fascinated by the power tools.


She doesn’t usually need the pacifier during the workday, so you know she is not feeling well!


But she began to feel better later in the day on Tuesday after 12 hours of Benadryl assisted sleep Monday night, and a three hour nap Tuesday noon.

She may not feel good, but she looks fabulous, Dahling!


Wednesday morning she woke up herself, our happy, cheery, laughing, singing baby girl 🙂

Hopefully the lawn and deck work will all be done next week, because Daddy goes back to school a week from Monday.

Either way, God is in charge and it will work out.

God Bless! Have a good weekend.