Happy Family Friday, everyone. It has been a good week, with a good deal of Family time.

Modeling the latest in cookware (or… cook-wear?!)

Of course it wasn’t all fun and games. Poor Ellie was sick over night, throwing up all her supper and then waking up to throw up twice in the night.

Even Mommy’s new earrings can’t cheer her up 😦
But Jello really helps. (Also, ignore the basket of laundry on the end of the table. At least it’s clean laundry.)

But she was better enough by Friday night to hang out with Evie in their “special secret spot!”

And “Horse around” upstairs. We were thinking of doing a caption contest for this picture, but honestly, no one will ever make up a caption better than the real one, so we’ll just tell you what was being said:

Evie: “No, Ellie! You can’t come with me! You don’t speak Danish!”

Ellie (Indignantly!): “Come too! Speak Danish!”

So now you know. Apparently they speak Danish.

We got the time on Saturday for some wonderful time outdoors working on our yard. We bought a whole bunch of flower bulbs and planted them so that our yard will have many beautiful colors next spring and summer.

Of course the nasty chestnut is in full swing, so there were many “pokies” to pick up all over the yard. We filled half the blue bin with them, and they aren’t even half way done.

Evie and Daddy ran a few weeks’ worth of paper recycling and junk mail through the shredder. That gray bin Evie is draggin in the picture above is the paper shreds to “feed to the worms” a.k.a. put in the composter.

We also noticed that our smaller apple tree has been leaning a bit to the left under the weight of its apples. A quick test confirmed that its roots have become quite loose with the recent rainfall.

This became a job for Daddy and the girls. They helped dig a post hole with the straight bar, and then, armed with only his trusty k-bar…

This looks like a shot from a survival show. Evie took it.

Daddy made a stake, and managed to plant it a few feet into the clay and rocky fill beneath the apple tree’s roots. Voila!

The tree looks much straighter now. We might experiment with spike irrigation next summer to encourage the trees to shoot deeper roots, because eventually that stake will rot out. But for now, it works.

While we were up there we also removed the last of the old glass from the hot box (the main pane broke in a wind storm a few months back). The odd thing is the peppers are finally starting to do really well. Hopefully the black plastic lining is enough to keep the frost damage off them until Ryan can get some clear plastic over the top.

Unfortunately, Mommy started feeling yucky Saturday night, and by Sunday morning had a fever of 102, even with ibuprofen. Of course, being a pair of medical folks, we tend to be pretty conservative about our visits to the doctor, so she stayed home Sunday morning and slept while Daddy took the girls to Mass.

The girls rushed in to help Mommy feel better as soon as we got back…

But she still slept most of the day Sunday, and spent the awake parts wrapped up on the couch, drinking tea and watching the girls color.

She had to call in sick on Monday and go to Urgent Care. Turns out she had strep throat, and so did one of her co-workers. So some antibiotics and some motrin/tylenol, and she was back on the mend, and (so far) no one else has gotten it in the house.

Unfortunately that meant that we had to cancel our dinner plans to have Adam and Co over on Sunday. The problem was we had already planned a menu for braised pork roast out of the Vatican Cookbook, and purchased the ingredients (or harvested them, in the case of the carrots) and thawed two pork loins. No one felt like eating them on Sunday so they stayed in the fridge, but by Monday it was imperative we get things cooking so as not to waste the meat.

We’re not sure what that face is, but the meat looked great.

All in all, it was a tasty dish, but we will do it better next time. We will not cook it as long, and we will start the tomatoes in the pan a little earlier, and also probably saute the veggies a little less. I must say, though, the red wine and Madeira vegetable sauce was hearty and heartwarming.

Let’s see, what else…

Wednesday was a Daddy and Ellie day, and we did not manage to accomplish much, except for enjoying some silliness:

And some time outdoors.

On Wednesday night we joined some friends of ours on Facebook live to say the Glorious mysteries of the Rosary in honor of October (which, as you should know, is dedicated to Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.) Of course, it is hard to get two little girls to sit quietly for the whole Rosary, but thank God (literally) for the Rosary coloring books we found. The art isn’t the greatest, but they are still fantastic for the girls every night when we say our family decade, and even for a whole five-decades they kept them engaged and involved at an age appropriate level.

This was Evie’s product after five decades.

There need to be more great Catholic resources like that. Maybe we will make some if we ever find the time.

And that’s all for this week, folks.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to say your Rosary, or learn how if you don’t know how.

God Bless!

Happy Family Friday, Ya’ll!

It always makes me happy to say that.

Unfortunately, this will be a bare bones FF. It is a week overdue, between drill weekend and this nonsense…

We just didn’t get to it last weekend. The computer never managed to repair itself, and Ryan had to get a new one.

We had plans to write it last night, but then we had a sick baby girl, so that didn’t work. (Don’t worry, she is mostly feeling better now).

Jello Helps!

Now, Mommy is at work, Daddy has all kinds of work to do while Ellie naps for a few short hours and Evie is at school, so please do enjoy the slide show.

And that is all for this week. Have a great weekend! Pray for us, and we will pray for you. If the weather is yucky, that is a great opportunity for sitting indoors and reading good books.

God Bless!

Short Family Friday this week. It has been rather a rough week. It started out with Daddy doing a 10 mile ruck race on Saturday.

10 miles in 2 hours 2 minutes, with 65Lbs. Not terrible.

Then Mommy had to go to a baby shower for a work friend who is having a little baby girl in March. Yay! More babies! 🙂 But we don’t have any pictures of that.

Instead we have a chalk picture of our family.

Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne and Edmund and Annarose came over for supper on Sunday, but we did not take any pictures of that either. Good family time, and we had more important things to do than socially mediate.

The rest of the week was plagued by illness. It was just a standard runny nose (so far) with some coughing and sore throat, but it really has the ability to disrupt things. Babies are obligate nose breathers, which, I would submit, is their most serious design flaw. One little virus gets in there, stuffs up their little sinuses, and all of a sudden they literally cannot figure out how to get a breath. Evie is big enough that she can breathe through her mouth pretty comfortably, but Ellie is not. She still doesn’t do well when her nose is blocked.

It isn’t so bad during the day, when they are up and running around, but when she lies down to sleep the snot just collects in her sinuses and she starts bubbling and snorting a little piglet. Of course this makes it difficult for her to sleep unless she is propped up so that the snot can drain down her throat into her tummy. We can try pillows, but they only work until she rolls over in her sleep. The best proper-upper?

You guessed it! Mommy and Daddy.

It works, too. Ellie gets sleep and wakes up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Mommy and Daddy, maybe not so much, but really, we can’t complain. It’s all in the fine print. And besides, we probably put our parents through as bad, and we can look forward to our grandkids putting our kids through it, quod si Deus vult.

Sissy! Wake up! It’s time to be awake!

Ellie is learning new words at an astonishing rate. A lot of her words are “B” words: Bubble, blueberry, poop (pronounced “boop”), boop (also pronounced “boop”), book (pronounced “boop” but with the soft oo as in look), belly button, and cup (pronounced “bup”). She also has other words without “B” in them, such as hat, truck, and hot!

And that was the story of this week.

Busy weekend ahead, and a lot of things to do, but we are checking them off our list one by one.

We hope you have a pleasant weekend. God Bless!

This week we started out by being awesome! Ryan and Kathleen went to their first race together! We signed up for the first of the Fort Steilacoom resolution run series. We even took a pre-race selfie!

Ryan is not good at smiling for pictures, but he really was having a great time.

Then the race started and we split up for a bit. Kathleen ran the 5k version, and Ryan rucked the 5 mile version. This was Kathleen’s very first 5k ever (yay!!!!) and she ran it in 44:45. Ryan has done lots of rucks, and he ran it in 57:30.

It was a really nice course with lots of friendly people running. Of course, we were both really tired afterwards, but we had to take the girls to a birthday party in the afternoon. They were not tired at all.

Fortunately, that birthday party had a bouncy house, which is great for making not-tired kids into tired kids.

The next day we had Uncle Adam and Maryanne over for supper. We kicked the kids outside to pray for about 30 minutes until it started raining too hard.

You have to be tough to be a kid out here!

We made a delicious pot roast with carrots and potatoes and Kathleen made a mincemeat pie out of the mincemeat she canned a few months ago. It was amazing, except that we learned that canning cooked meat dries out the meat. Next time we are probably going to skip the meat or just freeze the mince meat.

And we gave some last Christmas presents.

Cold mincemeat pie makes a great breakfast, by the way.

Monday was the big day that Ryan finally went back to PA school. He started his Emergency medicine rotation in Everett. Note the patented thrilled-and-excited selfie face:

Daddy’s first week back at school was interrupted, however, by fevers and throwing up. This was Tuesday morning…

But this was Tuesday night…

And this was later Tuesday night…

Poor Ellie had a fever of 104.5.

This was Wednesday…

Two sad and tired baby girls were so happy to see Mommy back home from work.

Things started looking up on Monday, so Daddy went back to the ER (as a student rather than as the parent of a patient. Evie and Ellie started eating again. Ellie especially was a hungry baby girl.

But Friday morning came, and Evie and Ellie were back to normal! Evie was excited for sharing day at school. She helped to make a snack to share with her friends.

Then Daddy and Ellie got to go to Friday morning Mass and do some gardening outside.

We spread pine mulch under the blueberry bushes to increase the acidity in their soil. Then we played with sidewalk chalk.

And that’s all for this week. May you all have a healthier week than we did.

God Bless!

One of these days we seriously are going to make Family Friday a bi-weekly or even monthly thing. It seems like every Friday we are too busy Familying to Friday, which is only a problem if you insist upon Family Friday-ing. Take, for instance, last Friday.

We had a great time with our MC friends at a music ministry session with singer-songwriter Andrea McDonald. Of course Evie stole the show with a song that she made up on the spot.

We partied late into the night until Ellie was sleep drunk and could no longer even stand upright.

Sleepy time!

That is, we stayed out almost until eight-o-clock!

I know, crazy right!

It had been a fun week, albeit busy, with Mommy at work and Daddy trying to knock out four months honey-do before restarting school. We had made time for a lot of together time…

We made a shelf!

We had even made it up to Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne’s house for a little welcome-home-hey-how-you-been-long-time-no-see party.

We had a good time, and my how Edmund and Annarose have grown! Edmund is super tall and trimmed down, and quite the dapper dresser. Annarose has gone mobile with the world’s fastest commando crawl. Edmund objects to this development, because it means that she can now intrude upon his playing, but, c’est la vie!

We went out for a family favorite meal…

Pho at Pho Tai in Lakewood. Evie loves the noodles, and Ellie demolish two gyoza, a pile of noodles and a few ounces of Daddy’s grilled chicken and rice.

By Thursday we were all set up for a great family weekend going clamming at the Ocean. Deedee and Papa picked up Evie early from school so they could get to the beach before the tide went out and get clamming right away.

Meanwhile, Daddy and Ellie trekked down to Olympia and picked Mommy up from work before heading out to the ocean. Ellie liked Mommy’s work. It has lots of stairs.

We got to the beach in the cold and wet and scraped about in the sand for an hour or so until the tide came in above the clam beds. All in all we got 25 clams before we headed to our vacation house for the night.

There we got in jammies and made hot cocoa. Evie was so excited to find that her room had bunkbeds that she couldn’t sleep for ever and ever amen. First she wanted to sleep on the top bunk. Then she wanted Papa to sleep on the top bunk. When he declined she thought Mommy should do it. But Mommy also declined, so she tried to recruit Daddy. As a last resort she even tried to convince us to put Ellie up there. It just broke her little heart to think of that lovely top bunk not being slept in. It seemed like such a waste.

Of course, then the weekend took a turn for the… unexpected. Somewhere around midnight (Evie was still not asleep) Ellie started puking. She puked over and over again until she was dry-heaving, and then she dry heaved off and on until about 4 AM before going back to sleep.

(Parenting pro tip: whenever possible, schedule your stomach bugs for weekends when you are away at a vacation rental. Then you don’t have to wash your towels and sheets, you just turn them in and get new ones! You’re welcome.)

So instead of going out in the morning for sightseeing or what have you we were recovering, watching Christmas movies, playing brainteasers while waiting for the baby clothes to wash, and playing board games while the kids napped.

By and by it was time for the clamming to begin again, and it was here that the plot once again took an unexpected twist when we discovered that both Papa’s and Daddy’s boots had been stolen right off our front step. Since we declined to go clamming barefoot on a Washington beach in December, that effectively kiboshed that clamming expedition, and we had to be satisfied with our previous haul of twenty-five. Instead we went bowling and Daddy tried to teach Evie how to play pool.

The fun continued after we got home, when Evie jumped on the puke-your-guts-out-all-night bandwagon on Sunday night (Mommy had to work on Monday). So Christmas Eve was a messy affair, and Deedee and Papa were having similar issues, so we had to cancel our Christmas Eve get-together.

Then of course Daddy was queasy in the tummy all day Christmas Eve into Christmas morning, and Mommy was queasy all Christmas day and into the next morning.

We are not that great at taking family photos.

And the day after Christmas Mommy felt better and went back to work and… Ellie got sick. She had a bad case of the runny-nose which caused her to sleep poorly, which in turn caused everyone else to sleep poorly, except Evie.

Ellie is pretty cheerful about it, though. Here, for instance, is a picture perfectly encapsulating the difference between Evie and Ellie.

Evie pines for the snack that might have been (chocolate). Ellie enjoys the snack that is (grapes and oranges).

Yesterday we made pizza while Mommy was at work. Evie measured and counted all the scoops of flour and poured them in the mixer all by herself. Ellie helped make press out the dough for her first time ever. She actually did pretty well about not tearing holes in the dough, and it blew her mind when she could see her hand print.

And now we come to the climax of our post, our week, and (hopefully) our year… drum roll please!

Evie had to go to the ER. She was riding her tricycle down the driveway and turned too sharply and upset herself. We took her to the ER for some x-rays and turns out she has broken her first bone!

She picked a good bone for her first break. A clavicle. Not particularly dangerous, and they tend to heal really fast and really well, especially in little kids. And she has a sling with doggies on it!

And that’s all for this week, folks. We feel like the moral of this week has been, “keep your head up, things could always get worse.”

Or perhaps, “When life hands you something yucky, like snot, do something cool with it…

Blow snot bubbles.”

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a buddy of mine. He knew that Ellie had been sick for the first half of the week because I had been a bit tired and groggy at work. On Thursday he asked if she was better and sleeping through the night again. I said that she was better and was almost sleeping through the night, plus Kathleen was home off night shift and home again at night.

“Oh, so she only got sick and couldn’t sleep when you really needed her to be asleep?”

I laughed. “Yep. That’s usually how it goes.”

“Gosh, dude, that sounds rough.”

Not wanting to lie I replied, “Yeah, it can be a little rough sometimes, but it’s still pretty awesome having kids.”

“How’s that?”

So I shared a thought with him that I have been formulating for the last few months. “You know, I think that the absolute worst tragedy that can befall any man, is to have no one who depends on him.”

He looked at me sheepishly. “Are you just trying to make me feel bad now?” (He is single with no kids).

“No, I’m just speaking in general terms. When you have children they depend on you for everything, so when they are at their most needy and demanding, they are also at their most fulfilling.”

He was quiet for a few seconds. Then he said, “I’ve never heard it said like that before. Mostly people just b—h about it.”

It is true, though. Having a wife and children has absorbed my focus so completely in the last few years that I have not had as much mental horsepower to think about myself. I don’t live inside my own head like I used to. I think about myself a little bit less, and I live for others a little bit more. When I do have time to think about myself, I notice that I am happier, more peaceful and more purposeful. Life is just better, as a sort of side effect of being surrounded by people more important than myself.

Family Friday 151 (17)
I love this happy little goober 🙂


I highly recommend it. If you don’t already have someone to live for, find someone. Or just start living for the people around you.

Of course the idea “I am going to live for others so that I will be happier” is completely self-defeating, but that is a topic for another blog.

Happy Easter Week Everybody!!!!Family Friday 151 (1)We hope you have had a wonderful week of celebrating the Resurrection. Mommy and Daddy kicked off our celebration sundown on Saturday with some Guinness floats.Family Friday 151 (5)

No Easter Vigil for us this year. Alas, we decided that a 3-hour mass starting at bedtime was not a smart move with a toddler who refuses to acknowledge her need for sleep.

Family Friday 151 (19)
We started out Easter like this.

Mommy was on call on Easter Sunday so we had to go to the really early Mass, 7:30 at Saint Andrew’s in Sumner. It was packed to the rafters, and bursting at the seams. Father Jerry extended an invitation to everyone to return next week as well, which would be great since next week is the feast of the Divine Mercy.

Family Friday 151 (6)
Evie loved the Easter Flowers. 

We went home for a late breakfast and an early nap.

Family Friday 151 (21)
She decided to improve her Easter look.

After nap we went up to Deedee and Papa’s house for Easter Dinner. The first thing we found when we got there was a gift for Evie.

Family Friday 151 (7)
“Wings! I have wings, Daddy!”

She now has her very own pair of sparkly fairy wings. They are quite sparkly, just like Tinkerbell’s wings.

Family Friday 151 (8)

She immediately became inseparable from those wings for the next two days. Family Friday 151 (14)

Family Friday 151 (9)
She also has her can of “pixie dust” (a.k.a. silly string). (Pixie dust is an outside toy only).

Since Evie is the only egg-hunting grandchild so far, she had about 2-dozen eggs to find, all by herself, inside, in two rooms.

Family Friday 151 (24)
Talk about shooting fish in a barrel!

Ellie needs to hurry up and get big so she can provide some competition.

Family Friday 151 (10)
Ellie is very curious about her big sister’s new look.

She has been paying a lot more attention to Evie in the last few weeks.

Family Friday 151 (11)
She can move all by herself!

She isn’t really sure what Evie is for. After all, she doesn’t do anything important, like feed Ellie or change her diaper. She must have some purpose because Mommy and Daddy certainly spend a lot of time with her. Ellie is very impressed with her big sister’s ability to stand up and move all by herself.

Ellie herself is learning all kinds of new skills.

Family Friday 151 (12)
She can express herself with facial expressions.

Family Friday 151 (13)
She can grab her toes.

Her exercise program is coming on apace. Daddy is training her in the art of the pushup, which is a noble and necessary skill, foundational for many functional movements which she may want to employ later in life (i.e. crawling, getting out of bed, mowing the lawn, etc). Family Friday 151 (23)

And she can sit up in her bumbo chair and eat her hanging toys, which is good exercise and good practice of essential life skills.

Family Friday 151 (15)
The Swiss flag is especially delicious.

In fact, she will try to eat pretty much anything she can get her little hands on.

Sitting up turns out to be useful for eating other things as well.

Family Friday 151 (25)
Rice Cereal! Yummmmmmmm!!!!!

She even has her first household chore already! When the weather is nice, she gets to help take out the compost. She can hold the compost bucket all by herself!

Family Friday 151 (3)
Never too early to start earning her keep.

Nice weather also means she can enjoy the great outdoors.


Family Friday 151 (4)
“Is this what you mean by ‘getting close to nature?'”


Since Mommy was working nights and Daddy was working days this week, the girls were living with Deedee and Papa from Sunday to Tuesday, and then Deedee and Papa were living at our hour until Thursday morning. It was a rough schedule for everyone except Evie.

Family Friday 151 (16)
She decided she was a “tinker fairy” and she needed to fix Ellie’s toy. 

She never seems to run out of energy.

Ellie, on the other hand, had a terrible head cold from Saturday night through to Thursday morning. It was not a fun time, involving several wakeups every night for Daddy, and several wakeups every day for Mommy. Her poor little nose was so stuffy the only way she could sleep at all was propped up at an angle on a pillow, her chest and neck all covered with vicks vapor rub, and a humidifier going full bore in the bedroom. (There was a 2:00 AM run to Walmart for a humidifier for Deedee and Papa’s house, while Mommy nursed her and kept her in a steamy bathroom.

Family Friday 151 (17)
Even when she is sick she is a happy baby.

Even with those measures there were many midnight steam sessions, and waking up to feed at all hours of the day and night because her little tummy was full of snot and she couldn’t eat normally. And there was the sneezing herself awake at 2:30 in the morning.

Family Friday 151 (20)
Even Daddy got tired, and he usually has tons of energy.

Needless to say when she started feeling all better on Thursday we were all ecstatic.

Family Friday 151 (18)
I love her happy little face!

Daddy has been very busy National Guarding all week, but one bit of good news from that is that he (finally) got promoted to E-7. At least now when he is away from his girls he will be sending home a few hundred more dollars per month.

Since the unit was too busy to do a formal promotion, Evie did the honors herself.

E7 Promotion (1)
Take off the old sticker.

E7 Promotion (2)
Put on the new sticker! 

(And ignore the unauthorized headgear.)

Family Friday 151 (26)
Daddy caught a fish!

We like our family. Daddy is going to have to be away next week, so we are enjoying what family time we can right now.

Family Friday 151 (27)
Mommy was coming home from work, Daddy was leaving for work, and the girls were just getting up, so we paused to take a picture.

I highly recommend you do the same. God Bless!



Family Friday 151 (22)
See ya later!



What a busy week this has been. It started off with a birthday…


Family Friday 145 (19)
This goober is 3 years old! How did that happen?

For her birthday she wanted to be extra pink. So she got her Minnie Mouse dress out of the closet and put it on all by herself. It’s amazing how smart she is now that she’s three.


Family Friday 145 (5)
“Umph! Daddy, this isn’t working very well.” (Direct quote).

Unfortunately, we were not able to do her birthday party last weekend due to sickness (first Mommy, then Evie) and we weren’t able to do it during the work because of life, so we will plan on doing it later this weekend.


Family Friday 145 (6)
But we did get her a happy birthday cupcake.


Family Friday 145 (10)
And she got a present form Uncle Jason and Auntie Kim, and Savannah and Kaycie and Nate.


Family Friday 145 (11)
It’s a Moana Puzzle!

Now that she is three she is very mature and responsible, so we gave her a new job.

Family Friday 145 (21)
She is now our official silverware put-away-er.


She is also getting ready to grow up like Mommy. Today she thought the breakfast pancakes looked like Mommy’s nursing breast pads and she had this to say about them:

Booby pad-cakes
“Mommy, when I grow my boobies, then the booby pads will be mine.”

No hurry, child. All this will happen in time.

The weather has been a bit bi-polar around here this week. On Friday and Saturday we were hanging out outside like this:



Family Friday 145 (7)
Evie is channeling her inner Auntie Mary-Kate in her wardrobe choices.


Family Friday 145 (8)
Tea and scones outside!


Family Friday 145 (9)
This was shortly before we got rained on.

Then on Sunday Evie was sick. Too sick to eat her crackers and jam, Family Friday 145 (12)but not too sick to be excited when she looked outside and saw:

Family Friday 145 (13)
It’s snowing, Daddy! I want to go and play in it. 

She wasn’t well enough to go outside, but we spent a quiet day indoors drawing and reading books.

Family Friday 145 (1)Mommy asked, “What is that missing spot in the middle of your sunset?”

Daddy: “Oh Evie drew that. I don’t know what it is.”

Evie: “It’s a boat!”

Family Friday 145 (2)
We call it, “Western sunset with boat, and purple dragon.”

Mommy had to go to work Sunday night, so it was just Daddy and Evie and Ellie home.

Family Friday 145 (3)
“Daddy, you are my best Daddy in the whole world.”


Evie went to bed early, but she felt much better the next day. By Wednesday she was able to go outside and play with Papa.


Family Friday 145 (18)

Family Friday 145 (17)
She was disappointed that the snow wouldn’t stick together to make snowballs.


Family Friday 145 (16)
But it was still a fun time.

Deedee and Papa were staying at our house from Monday night to Thursday afternoon because Mommy finished her all-too-brief maternity leave and had to go back to work nights. Mommy was gone all night and Daddy was gone all day, but Deedee and Papa were there to hold down the fort.Family Friday 145 (22)


Family Friday 145 (15)
Evie and Deedee and Oswald the Otter (puppet) put a puzzle together. 


Evie wasn’t the only one to hit a milestone this week. Ellie is now three months old!


Family Friday 145 (20)
She is so chunky!

She is also learning new skills. For instance, she has discovered that she can grab things with her hands, if she concentrates and tries very hard and is very patient.


Family Friday 145 (4)
So far she really only does it with her left hand, but the right one will come along in time.

And she can facetime with Daddy when he calls on his way to the hospital in the morning.


Family Friday 145 (1)
“I know that guy!”

And she likes to help wake her big Sissy up from nap.


Family Friday 145 (14)
Hee hee hee!

It’s exciting just to watch her grow big and strong and smart. She is such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing and cooing. She has a big, giggly belly laugh now which has been documented to melt at least one heart of stone.


And that’s all for this week, folks. Thanks for stopping by, keep us in your prayers.

God Bless!
















Welcome to the weekly update from this branch of the Kraeger clan. Unfortunately, we are currently a plague house, as the two-bucket-disease is moving through like a square-wheeled steamroller driving over a field of whoopee-cushions. Evie started the party on Sunday morning by throwing up all over her pretty dress on the way out the door for Mass. Then she threw-up all over another pretty dress in her carseat in the church parking lot. She attended Mass in sweatpants, in the crying room about ten feet from the bathroom. Daddy was next to take the baton, with two days of bubbly guts, but Daddy’s GI tract is rather like an industrial strength pressure cooker: no matter how bubbly it gets on the inside, it doesn’t show on the outside. We are not sure when Ellie contracted it, because she is very stoic, and also doesn’t speak English yet, but she did produce an impressive string of three diapers in a one hour period, remarkable both for volume and explosiveness.

Mommy was the last holdout, but even she had to succumb eventually, and when it got her it did so with a vengeance. She was up two or three times an hour from midnight to 7:00 AM this morning. Daddy got to stay home from the hospital to take care of Evie and Ellie while Mommy tries to recuperate.

But we have still managed to have some fun this week. During a trip to Costco Evie found some flowers that were just so beautiful!!! Since the weather was nice, and it is almost her birthday, and she asked nicely, and they were a good price, Mommy said they could buy some… and also because they were a good distractor from the jewelry case, which also caught her attention.


Family Friday 144 (14)
Ohhh! Shiny!

Then Mommy and Evie and Ellie went outside and planted flowers all afternoon.



Family Friday 144 (7)
It’s sunny, but still chilly, so Ellie was wrapped up snug as a bug in rug in her bunting. 



Family Friday 144 (8)
“We are pyanting fyowers, Mommy!”

Evie had so much fun she stayed outside until her lips were blue and she was shivering.



Family Friday 144 (9)
Digging in the dirt is fun!


Teaching Ellie how to make a rock castle.




Family Friday 144 (10)
Cold is what happens when you have 0% body fat and refuse to wear gloves. 

She insisted she wasn’t cold, but Mommy says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness to thy goosebumps.”



Family Friday 144 (1)
This chunky little goober wakes up like this. Every single day.



Family Friday 144 (5)
I wish I woke up this happy.

Mommy arranged a surprise get together for Daddy’s birthday (he turned older this week). She and Ellie made a delicious beef and bacon stew. Kathleen is kind of a Super Mom. 

Family Friday 144 (15)

(Or would that be… a Souper Mom?!)


We had some friends over for a low-key dinner. Daddy likes things low-key. Especially birthdays.Family Friday 144 (4)

And Mommy and Evie and Ellie made Daddy a new tea mug at the pottery painting house.

Family Friday 144 (3)
Gus took this picture of the mug. He likes to have Jordan in the background of pictures. 

They made it with Mommy’s and Evie’s and Ellie’s handprints, one inside the other, all inside the handle, so that when he holds the mug like that above (which is how Daddy holds his tea mug) he can hold all their hands at once.

Family Friday 144 (2)

I have the best family ever!


More pictures from the party.

Family Friday 144 (6)
Jordan enjoying her Ellie time.


Family Friday 144 (16)
Evie conned Auntie Amanda into reading “Rattlebang Picnic” to her and RJ. 

Good times, with good people.



Ash Wednesday also happened this week. It was Ellie’s first Ash Wednesday, but she tried to look appropriately penitent.


Family Friday 144 (12)
Repent of my whats? But I don’t have any yet!

Daddy is working on prepping some of his Army gear for upcoming National Guard events and Evie wanted to help.

Family Friday 144 (11)
I think she looks better in it than Daddy does. 

Oh, and the biggest news of all this week?!

Auntie Maryanne had her baby!

Annarose Just borned
Welcome Annarose!!!


And that’s all for this week. Hope you all have a fun weekend, and enjoy much love and grace.

Bye!Family Friday 144 (13)





Story Time with Mommy
She can read a story with one hand, keeping a daughter, a nephew and three neighbor kids still, while breastfeeding the other daughter with the other hand. She’s kind of a Super Mommy.

And that’s not the only way we’ve stepped up our hospitality game!

Family Friday 140 (7)
Check out our new bird feeder and one of our first guests.

I (Ryan) was looking through my phone for pictures from this week and found that the only pictures I had were ones that Kathleen sent me during the week. That’s how busy we have been. So I shared one that I took back at New Years, because it illustrates just how awesome Kathleen is. And this is going to be a short Family Friday.


Both the girls have been sick this week, with coughs, sneezing, runny nose, tiredness, poor appetite, the works.

Family Friday 140 (6)
Evie napped four hours that day. Four Hours!

Mommy is starting to get stuffy now, and Daddy has not been around long enough to catch anything, apparently, since he has come down with nothing except tiredness refractory to caffeine.



Family Friday 140 (1)
He has even had to work from home this week. That’s never good.

Deedee and Papa came down to visit on Monday before the plague got too advanced.

Family Friday 140 (5)
We just hope Deedee and Papa don’t catch it.

The thing is, even when they are sick, they are still pretty cheerful most of the time. Evie can be pitiful, if you let her, but if you keep her distracted with other things she forgets she feels crummy and has a good time.


Family Friday 140 (3)
Evie the Red Nosed Child

And she has begun trying her hand at photography, when Mommy wasn’t looking.



Family Friday 140 (2)
I think she needs to work on her framing. 

Then of course there was the time she pooped and peed her underpants, while standing above her baby sister, who then promptly blew out her own diaper. All while Daddy was at work, so Mommy had to deal with that all by herself.


Family Friday 140 (4)
It’s okay, Mommy. Bath time is lots of fun!

But Evie is on the mend now, Ellie should be about a day behind her, and Daddy is home for the weekend. So things should be looking up now. Check back next week to see how that pans out. LOL!

Oh, and Ellie is now two months old! She is getting so big and chunky and she likes to kick her hands and feet and smile and coo with Mommy and Daddy.Family Friday 140 (8)