It is Family Friday time again. A little bit late, because Daddy had staff duty last night, but better late than never.

(Evie takes dancing in the kitchen to a whole new level!)

On the bright side it gave us time to get pictures of Ellie’s adventures with Deedee and Papa at the Tree Festival. 

Some of these adventures were fun!

Others, not so much…

Ellie does have a point, Santa Claus is kind of creepy. I mean, “Sees you when you’re sleeping, knows when you’re awake, sneaks into your house at night to fit you into his binary, black-and-white, naughty or nice categories based on a nebulous and unwritten standard?”


But all in all it wasn’t too bad, because it was full of shiny lights and pretty music.

Ellie had a fun time, except for the Santa piece. It’s nice to have Deedee and Papa to yourself when you are the younger child.

Evie has been very busy this week helping Mommy cran-cherry jam. 

First we have to sort and wash the berries.

Then we have to boil them down into jam.

And then can it into jars. 

Why is it that we can our jam into jars? We don’t jar jam into cans. We don’t jam jars into cans or can jars into jam, or… Why not?

One would think that we would jar in jars, and can in cans, but that is not the case. However, you can can into both jars and cans. 

It has been raining a lot at home over the last week, and the plants seem to like the water after the dry summer. That combined with some slightly warmer weather seems to have confused the johnny-jump-ups, however. They are blooming in November. 

Evie likes that, though. They look very pretty in her hair. 

Those eyes!

Evie is also very busy with school. She is continuing to learn her letters and numbers. Someday she will even get the hang of which are which.

She is very good at duplo blocks, too. she built a steam shovel out of duplos the other day, and then she asked Mommy if she could borrow her phone, and took pictures of it all by herself.

Of course, whatever the Big Sister does, the Little Sister must also do. 

She is getting so big! Ah! And Daddy is missing it, but not as badly as he would if this were WWII or the Korean War, or Vietnam, or pretty much any war prior to Iraq/Afghanistan. 

In previous eras he never would have gotten to watch Ellie feed Mommy from her very own plate. (She even tasted each morsel herself to make sure it was yummy before feeding it to Mommy!)

And he would never have gotten to share Evie’s version of after meal prayers. 

That’s all for this week, folks. God Bless, and don’t forget to pray for us. 

Family Friday 176 (11)
Happy Friday Everybody!

It has been a normal, busy, otherwise uneventful week. Mommy was very fortunate to get to stay home because she didn’t have to work Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (she swapped shifts with someone at work). But unfortunately, that means she has to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights. There is always something.

Family Friday 176 (10)
Mommy cleaned out the whole vegetable garden!

Evie and Ellie are growing and learning things. Evie is learning to trace letters. She tells Mommy what she wants to say and Mommy writes it out, and then Evie traces it.

Family Friday 176 (1)
Here she is tracing “I Love Daddy” s

Family Friday 176 (6)
This is her picture of a blue eyed rabbit.

Family Friday 176 (1)
This is her new crown.

We love this little girl so much, even when she is being a butt. (Yes, even our adorable Evie can be a butt sometimes).

Family Friday 176 (7)
She is actually listening to instructions for a change in this picture.

Family Friday 176 (5)
It’s just like a Daddy picnic, except no Daddy 😦

Daddy was busy ruckmarching. He Rucked 9 miles in just over 1:40:00 for an 11:17 average pace with a 50 Lb ruck.

Family Friday 176 (3)
I can still move out when I have to.

Not quite what he used to do in the Q course, but that was eight years and 15 Lbs ago.


And as for Ellie…. she is getting another tooth! A top one this time. Soon she will be able to bite food and then it is on! The wonderful world of bacon will open up to her.

Family Friday 176 (2)
She does like her mornings with mommy when Big Sissie is at school.

Mommy made and canned more barbecue sauce this week. That’s the problem with making a delicious barbecue sauce, is that everyone keeps eating it, and then you have to keep making more.

Family Friday 176 (8)
It’s okay, Mommy, Ellie will help.

She definitely has a stubborn streak, though. Just like her sister.

Family Friday 176 (9)
I do it myself!

But really, they get along wonderfully, they are happy and growing and slowly learning to love. That is the really important thing.

That’s all for this week! Keep us in your prayers. Have a great weekend! God Bless.


Dear Evie,

Since Daddy won’t be around for a long time to sing bedtime songs with you, I wanted to save this video for you to watch. I love you, and I will come back to you. Remember, it is okay to be sad. When you are sad because you miss me, don’t be naughty and disobey Mommy. Instead, tell Mommy that you are sad, and ask for a hug, so she can help you feel better. You can ask Deedee and Papa too, or Gracie, or Uncle Adam and Maryanne, and they will be happy to give you hugs and help you feel happy again.

Remember, even when Daddy isn’t around, Jesus and Mama Mary will always be with you.

In which we go bowling and harvest some vegetables…

Daddy got back from North Carolina last week, and we celebrated with a WONSA (Weekend Of No Scheduled Activities).

Just because we didn’t schedule anything doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything. We actually did quite a bit. We bought Evie a new bike helmet so she can ride her tricycle on the driveway.Family Friday 119 (5)

Evie and Daddy played around with the chalk.

Family Friday 119 (6)
We call it: “Holy Family in Five Colors.” Circa 2017, in Walmart sidewalk chalk on cracked pavement.

We harvested a bunch of veggies from our garden.

Family Friday 119 (7)
Garlic, carrots, beets and potatoes.

We cooked them up with Uncle Adam.


Family Friday 119 (8)
We didn’t cook them with Uncle Adam, We cooked them with Uncle Adam. He cooked burgers with cheese. With the grill. It makes sense.

It was quite a yummy supper. Family Friday 119 (9)

Then the neighbors came over to play.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then on Sunday we took Evie onto Joint Base Lewis-McChord. First we played on the playground.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we went bowling.


Family Friday 119 (1)
“Yook!!! I have a shoes!!!”

Let me just say, if you’ve never gone bowling with a toddler… Totally Worth It!

Family Friday 119 (15)
“Oh, here come a green ball. I got it! I do it myself!”

Family Friday 119 (2)
Daddy aim, Evie push!

Family Friday 119 (14)
Mommy was the best at aiming the ramp.

She quickly got tired of the 6Lb green ball, however, and commandeered Mommy’s 8Lb orange ball. Because it was prettier. She didn’t do too badly either.

Family Friday 119 (3)
Evie and Daddy tied! (for last place. Way to go, Mommy!)

Then, because Evie was so good and went potty on the potty at Jesus’ House (which we are trying to encourage) we finished up the day with some yummy bubble tea.

Family Friday 119 (16)
She did not drink both of those herself. She shared Mommy’s and Daddy’s bubble tea equally.

Then on Monday Mommy and Evie made cupcakes while Daddy was doing Korean class. They were in honor of the Solemnity of the Queenship of Mary (which was Tuesday).

Family Friday 119 (18)
They made little pink crowns. Evie was good and didn’t eat any of the white chocolate chips almost the whole time. She had to do one brief time out at the end, but mostly she was quite good.

And of course there was an eclipse of the sun Monday morning. We were not in the path of totality, but we were pretty close. Things got dim and shadows got weird. We couldn’t watch the eclipse itself because we didn’t have special glasses, so we watched its shadow instead.

Family Friday 119 (17)
Evie thought it was chilly and needed her blanket.

Family Friday 119 (4)
This is a picture of the peak of the eclipse. As you can see, at no point did we have to worry about the vampires coming out.

The rest of the week was our standard long days of school, long nights of work, and a full schedule of playing for Evie.

Family Friday 119 (19)
All our watering has paid off! “Yook, Dada! Cantayopes!”

And Evie has begun planning her wedding. Oddly enough, Daddy doesn’t mind.

That’s all for this weekend, folks. Hope you have a blessed weekend and good next week.





Yeah! I stood up! Next task? Climb up on the chair! Yeah! I stood up! Next task? Climb up on the chair!

This week has been a week of major changes in Evie’s life, and by extension the life of this little niche of the Kraeger family. She has, of course, long been working on her standing up abilities. In fact, almost the day she was born she would support her weight entirely on her own legs if you balanced her upright, and shortly thereafter she learned how to push herself up right with support from the person holding her.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

But now she has taken things to a new level. She has figured out how to grab hold of things like hands, pant legs, ears, and furniture, and pull herself to a standing position. She has also figured out that if she holds on and side steps for balance, she can move around whatever she is holding on to, be it a parent or a coffee table.

So... much... tired... but... must... walk! So… much… tired… but… must… walk!

However her favorite method of practicing walking is to stand up, holding on with only one hand, face the direction she wants to go, let go and….

Jesus take the wheel!

Usually that results in “Evie go boom!”

However, her greatest triumph this week has been discovering a fast and effective, albeit not-as-cool-as-walking method of locomotion, known as “the crawl.”

What else has been going on? Hmmmm… let me see.

Ha ha! You're a funny grown up. May I taste your camera lens? Ha ha! You’re a funny grown up. May I taste your camera lens?

Our first family photos, of which more to come in later posts, most likely.

Modern poetry! What a fad! Modern poetry! What a fad!

Evie has been working on her reading skills.

Excuse me, do you mind? I'm trying to read about smoked salmon, here. Excuse me, do you mind? I’m trying to read about smoked salmon, here.

She practices reading in Costco, of all places. She also tries to read with her gums, with mixed success. Daddy is very picky about which books she can and which she cannot “devour.”

And that’s about it. Have a good weekend, y’all, and God Bless.